Customer engagement


Customer engagement

Marketing, customer engagement and value-chains have changed dramatically in the last 5 years and have become very confusing .

We provide integrated customer engagement services and have brought together an amazing array of expertise so that we can help you to achieve great customer experiences supported by effective systems.



We have developed a range of  modern approaches to strategic customer understanding and engagement, strategic web impact, luxury proposition design, channel mapping and sales targeting.

Connecting with customers

Connecting with customers

Finding and exciting customers is harder than it has ever been. The advent of social has introduced new ways of interacting, without removing the old. It has also increased the need to be truly authentic and building effective relationships.

Being effective in the particular approach you are using for customer attraction, whether traditional media approaches, social/new media, proximity-based attraction or partnerships is both more critical and more difficult.

Hydra consulting is a strategic provider, helping you to identify your customer experience, who you need to connect with, where they are an how you will connect. Operationalising this is done by a range of specialist providers. We can help you identify the right partners to deliver your tactical connection activities on a campaign basis. Some of the companies we work with are highlighted below. 


We provide:

customer experience design  |  sensory evaluation  |  value proposition design

product design/development  |  customer interviews (JTBD methodology)

design sprints  |  customer journey mapping

growth hacking plans


We partner to deliver:

graphic design  |  influencer marketing  |  content development  |  web development

search engine optimisation (SEO)  |  hyperlocal marketing  | videography  |  social media

campaign management  |  secret shopping  |  growth hacks

market intelligence  |  public relations

product placement

engaging customers

engaging customers

We use three core tools for designing customer engagement:

value proposition development
customer journey analysis
jobs to be done interviewing


value proposition development

Value proposition design is a workshopped process of mapping products and services to customer needs to ensure that benefits and features of products and brand propositions resonate with customers needs. It supports the effective design of benefits that will actually provide a wine or remove pain for customers, prioritisation of feature development in product development, marketing and sales messaging. 

Jobs to be done interviewing

Jobs to be done interviewing focuses on the buying process and events that move consumers and customers through various phases of interest in product through to purchase and post purchase experience. It focuses on customer experience of your product, comparable products or substitutable products and ultimately delivers an understanding of the elements of products that help customers to choose a new product over existing alternatives.

It delivers and deep understanding of the functional, emotional and social drivers of consumer behaviour.

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Customer Journey analysis

We use customer journey mapping to help understand how customers experience our products and services and the points at which particular types of intervention will support customer attraction, activation and re-activation. We utilise a pre-experience/experience/post experience model as a framework for developing our understanding of customer journey.

engagement analytics

engagement analytics

Impact analytics is delivered by Hydra Consulting using several tools to map customer impact and to undertake media engagement analysis  to take advantage of the massive impact that AI is having on measuring customer engagement. We have a particular focus on analysing the emotional engagement of products and brands with customers, beyond analysing interactions and follower growth. 

We have undertaken engagement analytics in public policy, band engagement, wine branding and wine tourism.

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Movement analytics - tourism

We partner with Morton Blacketer to deliver extraordinary visitor impact analysis for restaurants, cellar doors and regional tourism organisations. We are able to utilise simple, cheap and easy to install technology to identify where visitors are via their mobile phones, without them needing to log on or download software.

The very simple locational data combined with point-of-sale (POS) and other networked devices can provide a wide range of information to understand consumer engagement, carrying capacity, bounce rates, most profitable customers and suppliers.

We can analyse visitor pathways through attractions and regions, regional entry points, last and next- visited locations, customer value, income from future investment, effectiveness of opening hours, staff performance and when to implement hyperlocal marketing.

Sentiment Analytics - WINE ADVERTISING case study

We have prepared a public case study on analytics for the 2017 Yellow tail Superbowl Campaign. The video to the right on Conflicting models of measurement.  Exposure, sales, engagement and sentiment in the 2017 Yellow Tail Superbowl Ad”  was presented at the Digital Marketing in Tourism workshop presented jointly by the Centre for Tourism & Leisure Management and IFITT on Wednesday 30 August, 2017.

We have been featured by IBM for the use of their tools in our analysis of the social engagement of the Yellow Tail Superbowl ad, which can be found here. We have also prepared a small educational piece on WinePortal here.

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Impact Analytics - Music sector

We have analysed the impact of bands across traditional, internet and social media, including the emotions expressed towards the bands, consumer sentiment, impact events, sources and influencers, themes surrounding the sentiment.

We are also able to specifically identify the causes and sources of negative and positive sentiment and support the development of effective responses.

This information can be used in real-time to manage launches and tours. They can be used to post review events, launches and albums and to forward plan influencer targets for future campaigns.


Global Pricing

Global Pricing

We utilise a range of internet scraping approaches to help customers see how their product is priced in global markets. We are able to:

compare competitor product prices in specific markets

track global pre-tax price spreads for products

develop long-term product bundle benchmarking and price in multiple markets

identify discounting on brands compared to competitors as an early signal for change in market value proposition

compare supplier prices received to market product prices

review country and regional value proposition changes as reflected in consumer price changes over time


We have developed databases for global analysis of comparator products for premium wine, luxury wine, bottled water (all price points), Australian gins and Australian whiskeys. 

Product placement

Product placement

Through our partnership with WTFN and Fred, we are support product placement strategies for TV, movies and lifestyle programming. 

Think Heinekin, Bollinger and Omega in the James Bond movies, but targeted to your audience in a way that matches your needs and budget. 

Our three core areas of product placement are:

Lifestyle television show partnering

Traditional paid TV and movie product placement

Late stage financing opportunities